The reator you want in your court is Phil Herman

Our home had been on the market for almost a year. We were having to short sale due to the housing market. The realtor we signed from our home town was very nice but admitted she did not know anything about short sales. I wish that had been a blaring red flag.
In today’s market where home values have fallen it can be a challenge to sale a home. However, short sales in the housing market require exceptional skill. Either way the reator you want in your court is Phil Herman. I may have had concerns that his office was located 60 miles from the home we were trying to sale. But he quickly put that concern to rest. He was and is the most professional yet personable realtor I have ever worked with. This was refreshing since we were so exhausted from the drama we had encountered with our other realtor.
Phil had every detail in order right from the start. I had heard he was an expert in short sales and he really provided evidence time and time again as he guided us through the process. Boy, if we had signed him at the beginning, we would have allevated alot of stress. He was amazing. My husband and I highly recommend him. No matter where your home is, his network of contacts is vast. Phil Herman is everything a realtor should be and more. When we are ready to buy again, we would not consider dealing with anyone other than Phil. He is a credit to his profession.