Phil is a hard working, thoughtful, honest and generous person

Phil Herman, the real estate agent who assisted me in finding my home in Indianapolis went above and beyond the call of duty. I had initially contacted him through email as I was residing in Connecticut at the time and had to do my search via internet and hoping to scheduling a trip to Indiana to do a marathon of property viewing. Phil was extremely knowledgeable about the area and sent me information on the properties that I was interested in and additional properties that I had not seen on the web.

Once I had decided on a property, Phil coordinated an inspection of the property and when all information was received he negotiated with the owners on my behalf. After the sale was completed Phil once again stepped in to assist me with the painting of the home and cleaning of carpets, etc. He really has been great help to me and continues to be of assistance whenever I need his advice.

I would recommend Phil Herman of RE/MAX to the world. He is a hard working, thoughtful, honest and generous person. I would most certainly do business with him again.